Thursday, May 16, 2013

Love Lesson

Look at these phrases –  do any mean the same or similar things? Can you put them in a logical order?
cope with
break up
carry a torch for
ask someone out
hang out
split up
get back together with
get divorced
cheat on

Read the text and discuss your answers with a partner.

How did Tiphany become disabled?
Was it love at first sight?
Did Tiphany and Steve ever marry each other?
Why did they break up?
What’s their relationship like now?
How would you feel if you were Chloe? (Steve’s wife)
Do you think their relationship is healthy? Why / Why not?

Explain these terms in your own words? Prepare to explain them to your next partner.
the baby’s father walked?
were a rock to my family
flag down
dropped a bombshell
agonized over
suitable access
come to terms with
lose sight of

What do you think will happen to Steve and Tiphany? Use words from exercise 1 to help you decide. 

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